Place Contestant Team Episode Merge?
21-Voted Out Tyler Noah's 2:Egg-Treme Torture No
20-Voted Out Sadie Noah's 3:Lights...Camera...FAILURE! No
19-Voted Out Izzy Lindsay's 4:Beaching the Losers No
18-Voted Out Trent Noah's 7:Sounds Like Duncan No
17-Voted Out Geoff Lindsay's 8:Health Violation No
16-Voted Out Katie Noah's 9:No Need To Worry No
15-Voted Out Leshawna Lindsay's 11:A Disasterous Feeling No
14-Quit Dj Lindsay's 12:World War 3 No
TBA Noah Noah's TBA
TBA Gwen Noah's TBA
TBA Heather Noah's TBA
TBA Owen Noah's TBA
TBA Tyler (2) Noah's TBA
TBA Duncan Noah's TBA


Lindsay's TBA
TBA Bridgette Lindsay's TBA
TBA Izzy (2) Lindsay's TBA
TBA Cody Lindsay's TBA
TBA Harold Lindsay's TBA

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